To You: Questionnaire About Crystals, Gemstones, Amulets

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABelow you’ll find the current version of the questionnaire I am using to conduct research into personal use of amulets, crystals, gemstones, etc.

If you are interested in participating in this study, there are three ways to immediately access the questionnaire.

1) Copy and fill out these questions, paste into Word, email back to me.

2) connect here at Google Documents (you will need a Google account).


3) Download PDF: QuestionsAboutCrystalsStonesandAmulets (you won’t be able to edit it unless you have a PDF reader; this version is just so you can see what the questions are like).

Please return all questionnaires to

After that, if you are interested in being interviewed about your interest in and use of crystals, gemstones, and/or amulets, please let me know and we can set up a short (1/2 hour) Skype interview. All responses are entirely anonymous; your name will not be used. There are ethical requirements involved with this research, and I will familiarise you with those requirements when we speak or exchange information.

If you decide to copy and paste, placing the text into a Word document attachment would be the easiest way to move the document via email. Feel free to take up as much space writing responses as you need to; the spaces available are purely to encourage answers, but answers can be of any length.

All responses (either on questionnaire or via interview) are entirely anonymous and will be used specifically as scholarly research to fulfill requirements for Sophia Centre’s MA in Cultural Anthropology. I will give you further details if you decide you’d like to participate, but if you’re interested in filling out only the questionnaire, that would be great and much appreciated!


Questions About Crystals, Stones and Amulets

Describe how you chose your favorite crystal, stone, or amulet.


Why did you pick that specific crystal, stone, or amulet?


What was going on in your life when you chose your crystal, stone, or amulet?


How do you think crystals, stones, or amulets work?


What affect do crystals, stones or amulets have on you?


Under what circumstances do you wear (or carry) your crystal, stone or amulet?


How would you describe your interest in astrology, ‘new age,’ or metaphysics?


How would you describe your knowledge of astrology, ‘new age’ or metaphysical information?


Describe the qualities (color, shape, feel, association with astrology, interaction with phases of the moon or sun, or other natural phenomena) of your crystal, stone, or amulet. Which qualities are most important to you?


What expectations did you have of your crystal, stone, or amulet? (For example, what did you expect it to do?)


Is there more information or thoughts you’d like to add about any of the above, or anything these questions made you think of?