News: Transferring Site to new domain host

about_astrologyHi there! I’m in the process of transferring this site to a new domain host,, which offers a very good rate for transferring a site, just in case you’ve got a website you’d like to have hosted.

However, two things are going to happen: 1) It will take a few days to transfer over—I don’t know exactly how long, but probably 2-3 days and 2) I might lose access to my current subscribers, both email and WordPress, although I have downloaded email names and addresses, and can probably email you, although I don’t usually like bugging people, so I leave you be.

If you have any questions, though, you can email me at I will no longer have some of the functionality WordPress offers, since I’ll be “self-hosting,” which means I retain the site the way it looks (I hope) and have a lower overall cost than I have had with WP, but at the same time, WP will no longer automatically offer me things like subscriber info, which is a significant loss, but we can find a way around it, which is why I encourage contact through FB if you’d like day-to-day access. 

What I’d like to ask you to do, if you’re interested in maintaining access to the site, is to check back in awhile (when you’re thinking about it), using the same URL and/or check the Facebook page  for updates/news. 

I’m also going to change the Facebook page into a “group” page so that it will allow anyone who wants to, to start a thread or ask questions, not just respond to something I’ve said. Unfortunately, when I started that page, I didn’t know that there were those kinds of limitations associated with it, but now I do, so we can make it better.

Meanwhile, I’m in the process of writing the next post, but I’m going to let this process finish before I try to post it. Thanks once again for reading the blog, and I hope to see you all intact after this process is complete.