Astrological Readings

Sit across the table from me and tell me your story!


My name is Alison Gunn, and I specialize in unraveling the mysteries of relationships.

In fact, you can read more about my take on relationships on Sasstrology!

I analyze the energies at work in your relationships (romantic or why are we platonic?, familial or friends). I am available to help with your relationship and personal questions via Skype or email. I do not take personal checks; I use PayPal, which we can arrange when you decide to use my services. 

To get started, contact me at and give me an idea what kind of problem you’re concerned about, or issue you’d like to talk about. 

I have been working as an astrologer since the early 1980s, starting out in San Francisco and Los Angeles, primarily with clients living alternative lifestyles. I am very open to the emotional realities of every kind of relationship, and I’ve counseled clients going through every kind of relationship issue, from divorce, to multiple partners, to transitional relationships. It’s important to me to be non-judgemental when it comes to the human need for connection. 

Relationship astrology relies on use of composites, progressions, progressed composites, and synastry.

My approach is based on psychological, metaphorical, and mythological elements, but most importantly, I want to help you get from where you are, to where you want to go. 

If you would like to understand the evolution of your relationship or marriage, or you’re concerned with the direction your relationship or marriage is taking, analyzing your synastry, the composite and progressed composite will help find the answers you’re looking for. This kind of analysis can provide peace of mind, and help you make decisions.

We can also do a general reading, or a reading that is focused not on a relationship, but on your personal growth, self-awareness, and future.  

I am also a tarot reader, and enjoy working with tarot as a deeply spiritual method to access information that’s otherwise hidden from consciousness. Like interpreting dreams, tarot speaks to a different part of our self-awareness. Used in conjunction with astrological analysis, you can understand yourself, your motivations, and your beliefs so much more clearly than ever before. 


16 thoughts on “Astrological Readings

  1. Allison, pleased to meet you, found you through Marina and Jamie Funk. I like your writing!

  2. Hi Alison

    thanks for listing my article on your site – I hope to return soon (I am currently a student writing a social science assignment to a deadline of early December! ) to read through your deep and interesting reflections!
    In the meantime, happy to give you a plug through your pingback.

  3. Alison, fine minds think and all that … been thinking of starting a community poetry page (?) at MagdalenaSmiles. Otherwise blogged in thoughts of Lilith/Medusa “engaged” in the Lilith transit … haven’t written to it yet. You should get my e-mail through the profile here if you want to “write” about your new concept !

  4. Hi Alison, I happened across your blog by chance, if chance it is. very informative and helpful writing, and in addition your pic is so warm and inviting.

  5. Hi Alison, I will spell your name correctly because its my Daughters–want to state unequivocally that you know your stuff!!! having only gone through your exegesis of the Houses, I can state that you really ‘get it’…
    I know that cause I’ve pretty much read & studied most of the ‘experts’ & though I do feel some also ‘get it’ You have offered new insights–thank you…

    • Thank you very much, Amida! I have been an astrologer for a very long time, initially studied through Noel Tyl, who I hope is still remembered as the innovative thinker he is or was. Noel Tyl made the connection between colors and hues and the astrological chart, a little arcane, perhaps, and something I hope to discuss in more detail at some point. I took courses in Seattle back in the early ’80s through a professional astrologer who is no longer with us, Maggie Nalbandian. I’ve been researching and studying astrology in general since the early 1970s. I have studied every type of astrology, but I do not practice any one type or style of astrology in particular; I believe in focusing on the individual chart and seeing if it has a particular theme.

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  7. Hi,

    I was wondering how you would interpret a fixed equate in a composite chart? With Mars in the 1st square Venus in the 4th opposite Saturn in the 10th? What is this energy like?

    Thank you for your time.

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