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Astrology is great for insecure people

Insecurity is based on a few controllable feelings, but when you’re feeling them, they do not seem at all controllable.

The ability to live with ambiguity is not high on the list of coping skills of fearful, insecure people, and tragedy, grief, loss, and despair will weaken the coping mechanisms of even the most stoic. This is precisely why I still practice as an astrologer, because I believe that the glyphs and the chart and its stories can provide a modicum of reassurance to those in need of explanations.

However, are we more insecure, do you think, than previous generations? And if so, why are we so much less secure than we ‘ought’ to be, given advances in science and the overall reality that more of us than in 1500 A.D. are healthy, wealthier than the average person lumbering through the streets of London that year, and certainly should be wiser, since most of us have access to reading material.

So how is it we are all so insecure? And stressed? And are we more worried, as a species, than those who visited astrologers in 1500 A.D.? I would suggest that the answer is probably, no. In spite of the illusions of progress, and time marching on, human beings have changed little when it comes to how we deal with our emotions, and astrology has been around for quite awhile. Certainly long enough to become inscribed in our consciousness as a source to go to for answers in troubled times.

Trouillebert, Servante du haremI have seen these worried eyes on the faces of many people who have asked me to look at their charts. This girl is in possibly the most insecure role possible for a woman in history; that of a servant in a harem. It is no wonder her future might appear bleak to her… the discussion of free will no longer matters, when you are in servitude, emotional or practical.

2 thoughts on “Astrology is great for insecure people

  1. nice blog, you bring up many interesting ideas in philosophy, but i disagree here. insecurity can be found in both sides- those who adamantly protest against astrology could be considered insecure because they are afraid of ideas that impede on free will. and the fact that they protest against it without having studied it thoroughly only makes them seem just as ignorant as anyone. How would the general population think of astrology if they knew that many great scientists such as Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler actually studied astrology? Just look up how many scientists studied astrology and it will seem strange that we refuse to examine astrology thoroughly.

    • oh yes, indeed. 🙂 You find strong prejudices no matter where you look. I reject easy dichotomies, and when I wrote that, I was mostly thinking of people who refuse to keep an open mind about the occult. It’s too bad, too, because there really are no definitive answers, just questions, and humility in the face of the unknown makes a lot of sense to me.

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