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If you’re a writer, come to The Collaborative Writer Forum!

Come join us on the brand new Collaborative Writer forum!

Once you sign up and become a registered user, you’ll see all the various threads I’ve started. The idea is for the forum to provide a non-judgemental place for writers and writer-wannabes to come together to discuss everything to do with writing (and topics unrelated to writing as well).

The only real rule is that we’re not there to criticize or be an online critique group. There are far too many of those now. Instead, my hope is to provide a collaborative and supportive atmosphere, where questions are encouraged, and everyone feels like they can really talk to one another. Writing environments and groups are often pretty snooty, since writing is usually a fairly elitist endeavor. Let’s not perpetuate that paradigm. Instead, let’s collaborate, not compete.

Writing can be the kind of subject where a lot of unnecessary wounding might have happened to you earlier in life, yet you might still want to write. That’s the type of writer I hope we can find, and support: the person who has never given up on their dreams, but longs to find others to talk to, without a lot of the pressure and negativity associated with critique groups. I’ve found that critique groups can be far too competitive and isolating. It makes you feel lonely, and wonder what is the point of joining a group of people, only to feel left out and isolated.

Writing doesn’t have to be like that; not if we start to think differently about writing, and change the traditional way writing and writers are thought of, and are taught to see ourselves.

Once I get my webhosting problems sorted out (sigh) the Collaborative Writer website will be online. That should happen any day now!

2 thoughts on “If you’re a writer, come to The Collaborative Writer Forum!

  1. I knew you were cooking up something. What a beautiful lay-out this site has: Very well done.
    Good luck with it!


    • Ah, thank you for the vote of confidence! Good lord, there is a lot to do when you’re starting something, isn’t there?? I am not resting right now. 😉

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