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Astrology Jewelry You’re Going To Want!

Each gemstone has a meaning

In my imagination, which is a glorious place to be, since my inner world exists in some previous lifetime in which I was an Indian Maharaja surrounded by piles of  fabulous gems, I design and wear my own natal chart as an amulet around my neck, translated in gold and gemstones.

In real life, it would be ridiculously heavy, but since it exists only in my imagination, it’s lighter than Thoth’s feather, and my soul is pure, too.  

On this exquisite piece there is a large gold horoscope embedded with a glowing pearl for my moon, and a sunstone for my sun…. a sapphire for my Venus, a ruby for Mars, a garnet for Jupiter, an emerald for Neptune… you get the idea. It comes with its own gold chain, and I probably wear it with something in dark green velvet, since this is my imagination and I can wear whatever I want.

In the real world, rather than the world of my creation, there’s a jewelry designer who manufactures an approximation of my glorious design, and you need to know about this company.

On Wandering Star Astrology Jewelry and Zodiac Gifts, the designers create their signature Horoscope Necklace, which is custom-made to order using your date, time and place of birth so that all the Planets, Houses and Zodiac Constellations are positioned exactly as they were the moment you were born. 

Even if it isn’t anywhere near as grand as the glorious encrusted jewelry I have created in my imagination, I think it’s a very cool idea!

Each piece is mathematically accurate – you can do astrology readings right off the jewelry!

Here’s what their website says about the astrology that lies behind the jewelry:

Why are they “astrological?”

Every bead has meaning! The Planets are semi-precious gemstones that look like the planets both in color and proportional size.

The Sterling Silver beads mark the Houses, the pie slices astrologers use to understand different areas of life.

The 12k Gold-Filled beads mark all 12 Zodiac signs.

Each colored bead is an exact number of degrees, adding up to 360.

Each piece is mathematically accurate – you can do astrology readings right off the jewelry! Plus, they harness your power so you can use them for personal growth.

You can contact the designer, Alicia C Katz, at Wandering Star Astrology Jewelry.

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