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The Mistake of Ignoring the Fleeting New Moon


A new moon on the horizon is ascending, spring has arrived with winter descending …

We have experienced a powerful new moon in Aries at approximately 2-4˚, simultaneously conjuncting Uranus and, briefly, retrograde Mercury.

This was such a dynamic combination—but so fleeting—that it would be easy to ignore its potential for change.

We might not take these New Moons as seriously as we might a significant transit from an outer planet, but this combination in particular has the potential to reach into our futures and illuminate skills and projects we begin to develop now.

Take into account that the full meaning of this combination probably won’t be obvious until Mercury, which was in Aries during the moment of this new moon and almost immediately retrograded into Pisces, returns to its initial Aries degree of 0-1˚. At that time (April 17th), you might be reminded of the new ability or skill you began or were inspired to begin yesterday, March 22nd.

Those more obviously affected by this New Moon would have early degree Aries planets, but do not disregard the effect this lineup has, or will have, on early degree planets in any sign aspected in your chart by this New Moon. Especially since it occurs in the shadow of the Vernal Equinox, this new moon in Aries, conjunct Uranus, has all the magical potential of creativity and rebirth of the spirit:

When the Moon is new, the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, and a powerful energy portal is opened. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest. There are many ways to initiate this communion with the Universe from lighting a candle to elaborate rituals. What matters is that you’re committing yourself to your vision, and open to receiving guidance, healing, support from Spirit.

The problem is that it happens so quickly, it is over all too soon; even more so with Uranus and Aries energy pushing us from behind, forcing us out the door, coffee in hand, barely awake, before the next day is upon us.

So think very carefully: what new idea did you have yesterday? What project did you begin? What idea, or creative endeavor, flitted into your mind, inspired seemingly out of nowhere? My belief is that since Mercury is retrograde, this opportunity will either feel like it is coming to nothing; will take longer, or will seem as though nothing happened, largely because of Uranus in Aries’ sense of unpredictability; Uranus in Aries would be good at innovation, but not the one to turn to for follow-through.

Yet for many, a seed was sown yesterday. The question is, what was that seed of a new beginning all about for you? Track it down; remember it. Otherwise these moments fly by, and are all but forgotten, until the new moon occurring in Libra (October 15-16, 2012) brings what began yesterday, to fruition (or crisis, where you say to yourself, “remember that thought I had months ago? What was it? Why didn’t I follow through on it??”).

New Moon Eclipsed

According to astrologer Henry Seltzer of Time Passages software and astrology,

“…This phase represents the very beginning of the planting cycle, when the seed sends forth its tender shoot while still underground. This is a tentative moment, with the outcome still very much in doubt. This phase also corresponds to the Winter Solstice in the cycle of the seasons.

During this phase, the world is yours to make your mark on. You tend to be subjective, even self-centered, in your approach. You feel that the rules other people make are not for you, you make your own rules appropriate to the present moment. For example, you may question why it needs to be done a certain way, and won’t be satisfied with the answer that it’s how we’ve always done it.”

Noticing which house this new moon falls in, as well as other planets it aspects, will help you see the potential direction any decision you made yesterday, any thoughts or plans, wishes, hopes, or dreams you were inspired to feel, might take you in future.

I also think that since the energy of this particular new moon is so strongly connected with Aries’ energy, the purpose of this new beginning for you might seem more or less ‘selfish,’ and if you begin a new creative journey in this period of time, I hope you will not let others try to deflect you from your decision through guilt or manipulation.

What new beginning calls to you?

A fair number of astrologers believe that the day of the new moon each month is a power day that can be accessed to change or improve your life. Some astrologers liken these days to ‘wishing’ days – in which the correct wish, expressed in the correct way, has the power to come true.

Others look at the two week period after the new moon as a time to sow seeds that can be later reaped for favorable results. The metaphors some use are those of ‘birth’ or ‘newness’, ‘fresh start’, or even simply increased focus on the sign and house where the new moon falls.

This particular new moon is special and magical. It combines the traditional magical energy of moon cycles, long used in religious and fertility rituals, with the archetype of the magician, personified in the chart by Uranus.

Whatever it is you have begun, seemingly ‘selfish’ or not, with all this power in Aries, you must go for it, especially if your new beginning expresses something within you you have never before felt comfortable showing. Uranus, Aries, and the new moon combined are all about having faith—throwing yourself off the cliff like the Fool in the Tarot, ready for anything.

The Welcome

Blessed the Hand
That set a new moon on the hill for me,
And hung the night with stars—
With white festoons of stars—
Looped from the corners of the world.
Joseph Campbell
(1879-1944; from the Belfast poet’s 1917 collection, Earth of Cualann)

4 thoughts on “The Mistake of Ignoring the Fleeting New Moon

  1. Hi There,

    I love your blog! However, it comes through my email in extremely pale colored text that I cannot read it. It’s been several months now ~ is there a way to change the text color to black? I miss reading your blogs! Thank You and keep up the amazing work!

    • Interesting… well, this particular blog template has a black background (not the easiest to read, under any conditions) and to create contrast, I usually use light colors. What I do is make my screen as bright as it can go, look at it in a darkened room/space, and make the view/screen size larger. That’s how I cope with this rather demanding template. Black seemed like a good choice for my subject matter… but readers do have some trouble viewing it, and so do I! The other thing I can suggest, although it seems like a real pain, for which I am truly sorry, is to select/copy the text and paste it into either a Word doc or a new email, which you can then control. In terms of translating the text, the only way you can control it as a reader is if you take it and paste it into another document. But for this template, I really cannot use black-colored text, since the background is black.

  2. Thank you for linking me to your post.
    I too had trouble reading you not because of the colour but because you were buried in my spam folder which I will peruse, in future. It seems that Mercury is allowing your posts to be discovered at the right time.
    I love your thoughts on the new moon and you inspire me to return to my journals of the day and see if I missed any fleeting desire.
    I look forward to revisiting and exploring your site.

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