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I did so much research for this blog entry, and it’s timely; I wanted those who haven’t seen it to see it. Happy Solstice! Be glad we’re all still here, and be part of the change you want to see in the new millenia!

Beyond the stars astrology

The wonderful thing about the winter solstice is the supremacy of light over darkness.

I do not mean this spiritually; I mean this literally. Midwinter descends into its nadir in the days prior to the celebration of Yule. It is a universal human desire to feel the sun on our faces; nothing creates a stronger desire for warmth than the chill of winter, which we feel most strongly around the darkest, longest days of the year.

In response to this need, numerous mid-winter celebrations sprang up across the darkest parts of the world, including places as far-flung from the expected Celtic and Norse countries as Japan and Viet Nam.

Like rivers flowing to the sea, many traditions have converged together to celebrate one day of the year, which those in the West typically (but reductively) think of as Christmas. Christmas, however, is only one of many mid-winter celebrations anticipating the…

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