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Lunar Nodes Series

Click on this extremely cool dragon to see more by illustrator Howard David Johnson

Click on the dragon to see more by illustrator Howard David Johnson

If you read this series in the order in which they were written, it will all make more sense; plus, you’ll know a lot more than before about the Lunar Nodes, and knowledge is power.

The first article in the series discusses the history, myths and metaphors that comprise the meaning and purpose of the Lunar Nodes. Why are dragons traditionally associated with the Nodes? This article explains.

The second article in the series discusses the fact that, through the millennia, astrologers have always linked the Lunar Nodes with the positive/negative duality we’ve come to associate with Cartesian thinking. What effect does this duality have on astrologers? Find out.

The third article deals with the Lunar Nodes as we interpret them in the chart, and how they represent your path in life. The connection with your life’s purpose alone makes the Lunar Nodes one of the most powerful points in your chart, an incredibly important place to look for information about one’s life, personality, and purpose.

Now that we’ve prepared the way by discussing background material in detail, we can proceed to get a better idea of how to interpret the Nodes through each house and sign. Because the Nodes are often so confusing to understand, I want to do the subject justice by approaching the analysis of each North Node/South Node combination house-by-house.

Not to overcomplicate the matter, but I long ago decided that it is necessary to write about each North Node in each house; that means, no short cuts—the North Node in Capricorn in the 8th is not the same as the North Node in Capricorn in its opposite house, the 2nd. These are two different energies; they may have certain similarities, but the North Node’s goal is different in the 8th than it is in the 2nd.

I find it interesting with the Nodes that no matter how we try to avoid thinking about the issues they bring up, those very issues will haunt us until we actively engage with them.

Part of what drives us to understand the nature of the Nodes is that the behaviors holding us back or pushing us forward are so often predictable problems associated with the signs and/or houses the Nodes fall in, yet we cannot easily solve them.

If you have a problem that you can’t understand, that continues to tug at you or challenge you, it’s tempting to lay it at Saturn’s feet, but unless your Nodes actually aspect Saturn, I’d look to the overall nature of your Nodal axis instead, especially if the issue(s) keep coming up, never seem to resolve, and don’t go away no matter how hard you ‘try’ to change.

The ‘unacknowledged self’ is represented by the South Node, and I’d look here for the ‘dark side’ we all have that is often hardest to see in ourselves, but that exists mostly in the clues given to us by behaviors and mirrors held up to us by people we are magnetized to, who we cannot seem to escape or live without. In that way, the South Node exerts a powerful tug that we really have to question, as repeats of the same person, the same problem, the same situation, recur in our lives.

Maybe that tug makes every kind of sense and is good for you. The warning label that too often comes attached to the South Node is not always absolutely true; we can ‘do’ South Node people and things and retain our integrity. Just be careful—be sure you actually want to be what the South Node tugs you towards, and that you consciously choose it.

Usually the Way of the North Node is much, much harder, and will ultimately be worth the endeavor, but that doesn’t mean you must abandon all things or people associated with the South Node.

The Lunar Nodes Series

1st House/7th House Nodal Axis Through the Signs 

2nd House/8th House Nodal Axis Through the Signs

3rd House/9th House Nodal Axis Through the Signs

4th House/10th House Nodal Axis Through the Signs

5th House/11th House Nodal Axis Through the Signs

6th House/12th House Nodal Axis Through the Signs

7th House/1st House Nodal Axis Through the Signs

8th House/2nd House Nodal Axis Through the Signs

More are on their way!

17 thoughts on “Lunar Nodes Series

  1. Who are you? I absolutely think & feel that you are an authentic what?, Wisdom regarding Astrology…please allow me to know more about you–thanks…

    • I will find the other comment and point you to it.

      I would like to finish this series. I *will* finish this series. I just want to say to anyone who finds this comment, each post takes a minimum of a month to research and then it can take a minimum of 3 days to a week to write each one up; longer if I have distractions. Of which there are many in life, I have found. ;-/

  2. I look forward to reading the 8th/2nd House Axis. You do a wonderful job. Good luck and thank you for your dedication!

  3. Hi, I am anxiously awaiting for you to discuss the 7th/1st axis. My North is in the 7th house (Taurus), but it seems you haven’t gotten to the second half! Please let me know when you do! Your insight is quite useful.

    • Thank you for reading. I am working on the 7th house North Node now. I’m excited about it too because the 7th house is such a major issue for people’s lives, so I understand how you feel. Soon… 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your research. İ realy like your work and how you write. İ look forward to read more!

  5. Simply Splendid. I’m at a crucial juncture in life, quite lost, and cannot wait for the 9th/3rd House series. Great great work. Thank you so very much 🙂

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